Go Green Cape


Luxury comes with a feel when you know your style doesn’t harm any living creature. Let the silk worms spread their colors and warmth in nature and not on fabric. Sakino gives you a range of shrugs made with 100% cotton and viscose velvet. We take care that no harm to any animal should be involved while styling yourself. It is warm and hand embroidered and is available in multiple colours.

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Sakino is a place where exclusivity finds its place. We keep quality over quantity and therefore all the bags manufactured under Sakino are distinctive and very limited in stock. Our aim is to support a viable environment which assists minimum wastage which we achieve through producing lesser bags which each having its own unique and artistic nature.

We make bags on the customer demand. Our stock is very limited and all the designs are exclusive as we believe in minimising wastage. Kindly place the order a bit prior so that we can deliver the product to you in time.

Considering the current Pandemic situation, kindly expect a slight delay in the shipment. Return policy of any product is valid for 7 days. Return is possible only in case of any deformity or damage in the product. For that, kindly share the courier opening video in 3 days of receiving the product. We provide 100% refund in case of any defect in the product.